Ever Laughed So Hard It Hurt!

Having a child with AUTISM can sometimes be an overwelming situation to deal with and believe me I’ve shed my fair share of tears!

But there is a another side of Autism that I cherish, it’s the funny side. My son in his 13 years of life has made me laugh so much that I have almost pee’d my pants! He stopped talking when he was around 18 months old (a symptom of his autism) but in all these years he has been the funniest child I have ever come across and that’s without speaking a single world. I say to my family all the time “If this child talked I probably would never stop laughing, he is that funny!”

I started this blog so that I could let parents know that through tears comes laughter and though sometimes we feel as if we can’t take any more disappointment or set backs our children have the ability to make us smile and sometimes fold over laughing….in other words there is a funny side of AUTISM…… And this is my story….

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