To Tree or Not To Tree!

Every year I debate on whether or not to get a Christmas tree. I am so In love with the wonderful smell of them that it so often causes me to have amnesia every December. Why do I struggle with the purchase every year, well….

There was the year that Cirè started pulling the needles off the tree and putting them into his mouth. It would be ok if there were only a few needles to worry about but when there is a never ending tree of a billion green, fresh, scrumptious needles just waiting to be plucked for a mouth toy the love of a tree becomes something of a pain in the behind! I would say to my child every time he pulled off the tiny morsel of greeness, “Cirè that doesn’t go in your mouth, hand it over”, and he would pass the tiny morsels of green over without a fight. BUT his eyes would always dart over to the tree were he knew he could always get his next stash.

Then there was the year that Cirè felt the tree was never in the right position in the living room. Every time I would walk in there the tree would be moved to a new position, originally starting out in the corner then moved to the center of the room and then moved all the way to the other corner.  I felt like I was in a scene from musical tree! And the funny part about it was I never saw him do it, every time I would walk into the living room the tree would just be in a new position and usually Cirè would just be sitting on the couch looking innocent as ever! Right, like I could believe that!  The kicker came when I walked into my living room and Cirè and the “TREE” (apparently they had become best buddies) were in the front foyer. It wouldn’t be so bad if getting into that area was easy, but no, the space is separated by a moongate entry with a one foot drop and you would have to literally bend the tree at an angle just to slide it in there.  I guessed interior decorating was one of Cire’s many talents as I slid the tree back into the living room.

Then there was the year that Cirè watched me decorating the tree and I got him to help by putting on a few ornaments.  He helped with maybe two balls and then gave me the look like “I’m done!” and moved on with his business.   Unfortunately this skill transferred to thinking everything should be on the tree and so he started putting the mail in the tree, the tv remote, my keys! It was a mess! It got so bad that whenever I couldn’t find something I would first look in the tree (giggles), what a Christmas that was!

Then there was the year where he started unwrapping the Christmas gifts, this would be ok if it was after December 25th and the gifts were his! But no, he was unwrapping all of his cousins gifts and of course all of his were still sitting nicely under the tree all neatly wrapped and untouched!  Double wrapping a gift is no fun!!

So today is December 16th, nine days until that special day and the debate is real.  Do I take the leap of faith that this year will be the one where Cirè admires the tree from afar and all will be right with the world (ha), do I buy one of those artificial trees and get the spray that gives me that Christmas tree smell, or do I not get a tree this year and decorate my green bookcase? Ha ha, decisions, decisions.

What will I do……..hmm……well it’s pretty simple to me, I’m getting the tree! Yup, I will be marching (I mean driving) my butt to the store and purchasing my beautiful smelling, green, full of horrific needles, holds everything but the kitchen sink, moveable tree so that this year I will continue in the tradition of not only celebrating the joys and spirit of Christmas with my beautiful child but creating memories….exciting, crazy, giggle till you piss your pants memories which are worth every bit of the trouble.

Here’s to hoping your holiday will be as special as mine and wishing you and your family a wonderful and exciting new year.

Cirè’s mommy.