Something Amazing!

So many amazing things have happened over the past few months, but one that really made me jump for joy was “My Big Trash Boy”. Yup you read that right! Sometimes i forget that Cire is so intelligent, I forget that he sees everything and though he doesn’t talk I have to keep in mind that he knows more than he wants us to think.

So what was amazing, well here it is.

It was a Monday morning so it was trash day. Cire was in the kitchen with me watching me do my regular routine of taking the trash out of the trashcan, tying the top of the bag and then I usually just put the bag at the kitchen door until I am ready to leave. For some reason after I tied the bag I handed it to Cire and said take this, well…… my amazement my child grabbed the bag and headed for the door. I followed him, but kept a distance so i could see what he was going to do with the bag, well to my amazement he walked out the door and headed out the yard and to the trash containers at the road side where the neighborhood drops the weekly trash. I was shocked, amazed and filled with such proudness, I know it was JUST TAKING OUT THE TRASH, but for me it was more than that! You see Cire has never taken out the trash before, he has watched me hundreds of times drag the trash to the roadside, but I didn’t think ever to ask him to do it. For me to watch him carry that bag out like he had been doing it for YEARS and then put the trash down (NOT DROP IT DOWN), but rest it down with a purpose, like this is where this goes, swelled my heart with proudness.

Cire you ROCK, and yes now you will have to take the trash out from now on, but I will not look at it as just carrying trash but opening a door to you becoming an independent man!

Next I’ll be registering you for College (IT COULD HAPPEN!). The sky’s the limit! You are so AMAZING!

Yup I Can Curse Like a Sailor!

So its been a long time since I last posted anything and with good reason, DRAMMMMMMA! Yup, a whole lot of drama that not only took over my life, but also took over my laughter. A lot has happened over the past few months, GOOD things (received a grant for $5000 to help with Cire’s TV Fees, have had lots of freelance jobs which pay the bills), BAD things (CIre got kicked out of his typical school because he has AUTISM), and the UGLY (One of the people who I love more than anything in this world hurt me down to the core of my being).

Having said all that, I have rejoiced, cried, cursed like a sailor, kicked, screamed, cut my eyes like nobodies business and at the end of it all I have come out laughing.

So let’s get back to me telling my story cause from here its all smiles!