My Wish On Your 18th….

My 18th year birthday wish for you…


I wish for you to always be the happy person that you are, continue to giggle uncontrollably when you see something crazy on your ipad and then rewind to that part 500 times because you can.

I wish for you to continue to control your own stylish wardrobe, and if you feel shorts are to be worn during summer and winter, you rock those shorts until they become the latest trend.

I wish for you to always make those strange noises that may sound like a tragedy to others but to me is music to my ears. I think words are overrated and your silent communication is so powerful.

I wish that you will continue to thrive in your learning, yes i get that you’d rather be lounging in your bed watching a movie, but unfortunately you live in the real world. Plus you’re one of the most intelligent teens i know so i think you should continue to share that with the world.

I wish for you to sleep late on weekends and to stop being a typical teen that refuses to get up during the week days. We have places to go and people to see…..the life of a celebrity teen can be brutal.

I wish that you will never allow your disability to hinder you…..who am i kidding, you rock autism and it looks so good on you. I’m thinking about catching a case of it myself, but i could never make it look as good as you do.

I wish for you to find a career that will make you happy and that in it you will thrive.  It will be difficult because Bermuda is not yet ready for you, but you’re use to overcoming adversity so i have faith that you got this.

I wish for you to know that for every person that looks at you like there’s something wrong with you, there are five hundred others standing by your side. We can’t control how others see us but we do control how we see them and you understand that humans can make mistakes.

My final wish for you on your 18th birthday is that you remember that you are perfect just the way you are.  You may not talk,  you may not understand everything and you may not understand everyone in your world, but because of that you do not worry about what others say, you have no care about if they like you or not and you live your life with happiness in your heart. Such a perfect life! I am so jelous. 

So happy 18th Birthday my superstar….may all your wishes come true. 

Ps. not sure how you got 18 when I’m still 25, just doesn’t add up.