A Mean Fast Pitch!

DSC00168Well I don’t know what happened when Ciré turned 16 last October, but whatever it was made him think he’s a Major League PITCHER! For some reason, probably to get a rise out of me, Ciré has now started throwing everything into the kitchen…And I mean everything! My kitchen is fenced off, one of those child fences so that Ciré doesn’t have free excess (a must for the kid who would eat every cheeseball known to man) so now he thinks that if he throws everything into the kitchen it will make mommy open the fence so that he can go in there. Good thinking Ciré, i knew you had a head on your shoulders, but its not going to be that easy kid.

So i walk into my kitchen and see the bathroom towels, the toilet tissue roll, the wash cloths, the shower gel, the clothes he was wearing (Lol), the hand wash, the tooth brushes, the toothpaste, the vaseline, the comforter off his bed, the pillows, his small toy box, his reading books, the PECS book, the …… Do you all get the picture here.  So I go to open the kitchen gate and guess who miraculously appears out of no-where with a grin on his face, thinking he’s outsmarted mom! Yup, the notorious kitchen thrower with the mean fast pitch!

Unfortunately for my 16 year old, he now has made so many chores for himself that he is truly going to forget the reason he wanted to get into the kitchen in the first place!  Poor kid had to put every item back into its original place and he we so not impressed. I think I saw him cut his eyes at least 10 times, I love when my child shows me his typical side! Lol

So now days he used his PECS book with a vengeance (PECS – Picture Exchange Communications book) and just passes me the pictures of his cheeseballs, popcorn and drink…..And we both walk to the kitchen where he helps himself to his much wanted snacks.

Whoever says communication is a lost art form most definitely hasn’t met Ciré!  Welcome to the Major Leagues!