I Am Who I Am!

Who is my little boy, or should I say BIG BOY!!! 

Sometimes I look at him and I see all the things that he wants to be and would be if his disability didn’t make it hard for him.  He is a softy that will lay by you, take your head in his hands and cuddle you like you are his new born baby. He is a comedian who will watch you working out to the most exhausting workout video and then drink your water like he is working out himself. He is so intelligent that he can find that exact spot in his video that will make him laugh over and over again in a few seconds, while it would usually take the average person 5 minutes to forward then rewind just to get close. He is inquisitive, trying to see if what I have hidden in my hand is for him or if it holds no value because its not. 

He is rich beyond my imagination, not in a monetary way but in the way that he looks at all people as if they are human and he doesn’t judge them if they have flaws.  He is strong in that he can push what he needs out of the way so that he can get to the most unimaginable item, but he is gentle in a way that will make you cry.

Who is this person that can make me laugh until I cry at his facial expression and then push me to the brink of frustration when he’s just not interested in something I need him to do. Talk about being his own person, yeah he is his own person alright!

So who is this teenager that I would walk across water for just to make his life a little more fun, a little more happy, a little more free.  

He is my inspiration, a little piece of me that I share with the world to inspire people to think outside the box, to love unconditionally and to remember that although we may have things that bring us down there is always a way to get back on top.

Or in Ciré’s case there always a way to get to that bag of yummy “cheese balls” if I trick my mom into thinking i just need a glass of juice! The Kid knows what he wants!!!