On New Years Day I Cried!

This is every parents nightmare, but all is ok so don’t panic!

On New Years day around 4pm I gave Ciré a bowl of his precious cheesballs! I had gotten this large container of cheeseballs from Arnold’s and had put it under the christmas tree with a big bow on it on Christmas eve. Needless to say that was the first thing Ciré saw on Christmas day, grabbing the container and ripping off the top!

Anyway on New Years day I gave Ciré a bowl of his beloved cheeseballs and he set them down on the front room table with his container of drink and proceeded to watch his movie. Knowing he was content I walked into my room and set in bed with my book. Not 2 minutes later Ciré walked in the bedroom with his mouth filled with the cheeseballs, his cheeks were so full that they were extended like Fat Albert. I shook my head and said “Ciré you can’t stuff your mouth like that” and he turned and headed out the room.

The entire incident felt so strange to me that I got up and followed him out of the room, next thing I know he is choking and the cheesballs are stuck in his throat. He is wailing around and trying to get breath and I start banging on his back to see if I could dislodge the food. Then I got around to his back and start doing the hymlic like no bodies business! Thank goodness I took a class in this about 10 yrs ago, remembered everything like it was yesterday! Now I am on Ciré’s back and have my arms around his ribs pushing up with all my might. Ciré drops to the ground and is getting weaker and all I am thinking is “My baby, I gotta get him breathing!” I continue to push up on his front area and then 5 seconds later, which felt like FOREVER! he started couching and cheesballs are falling out of his mouth. He is so weak that all of his 190Lb is leaning on me so I sit him on the toilet in the bathroom. He is looking at me, but not really seeing me and then… he smiles… AND then I bawled my head off, crying until I couldn’t cry anymore.

All of the thoughts that went through my head during that 5 minute experience. “Call mom upstairs.. no I don’t have that type of time” …. “Ciré breatheeeeeee”… “My baby, My baby” … “You will not have Cheeseballs EVER Again” …. “What would I do without my baby!”

5 minutes later, as I am still crying uncontrollably, Ciré is back to his old self and giggling at a movie on his iPad. To be so unaware! So able to get back on the horse and ride on out of there like no tomorrow! Only my Ciré! Gotta Love Him.

And me, well I got up, dried off my tears and moved on. (Tomorrow I start THERAPY! Ha, Ha)

So with that said…It’s going to be an exciting NEW YEAR! Literally!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica Smith
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 13:49:55

    That boy of yours keeps you on your toes. You can’t relax! I can imagine you were scared to hell, but I know you would have got that cheesball out of him come hell or highwater!!


  2. Kim
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 17:52:20

    As I was reading this, I could see it all playing out… And especially the part about how the smile just slipped back onto Cire’s face… As if he was saying – “Thanks mom…” That was priceless.

    Scary stuff though…


  3. Sophia McCray
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 12:07:10

    You know I was reading on edge word by word. That Cire always giving a thrill! Gotta love him. I can see the beautiful smile in the end and going about his business like it was nothing and you just sitting there crying and taking a moment to catch yourself and saying only my child, only Cire, trying to give me heart attack! Gotta love him!!!


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